Certified Senior Advisors

When a senior is in need of assistance regarding a key health, financial, or social issue, he or she can reach out to professionals who specialize in working with seniors. One such professional is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA).

CSAs have supplemented their individual professional licenses, credentials and education with knowledge about aging and working with seniors. However, the CSA designation alone does not imply expertise in financial, health or social matters. If you are a senior and work with a professional who has added the CSA designation to his or her achievements, you know that you’re working with someone who has invested the time and effort in learning about the things that are important to you.

A CSA professional educates other professionals about how to effectively work with their senior clients. A CSA can provide the right kind of planning, recommendations and referrals that can make aging a time to be savored instead of a fate to be feared. In working with the senior or professional community, CSAs are able to understand the key health, social, and financial factors that are important to seniors...and how these factors work together.

CSAs are able to integrate this into their professional practices, no matter what field they’re in. They’ve learned how incredibly gratifying it is to help seniors achieve their goals, and the seniors they’ve worked with have learned how important it is to work with someone who truly understands their circumstances.

The CSA designation indicates that professional service providers have supplemented their individual professional licenses, credentials, and education with knowledge about aging and working with seniors. According to the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, a Certified Senior Advisor® (CSA) is a professional who has received a comprehensive education in the health, financial, and social issues facing seniors. CSA candidates must pass a challenging national exam to prove their knowledge of the issues affecting seniors. While most CSAs already have expertise in a professional discipline, it is only after they pass the exam and agree to live up to high ethical and professional standards that they may use the CSA designation.

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors is the world’s largest membership organization that educates and certifies professionals who serve seniors. Founded in 1997, doctors, attorneys, gerontologists, accountants, financial planners and other experts came together because they believed there was a need for standardized education for professionals who work with seniors.

Individuals or families in need of a CSA may find them throughout the nation by calling 800-653-1785 or on the Internet at csa.us .